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The processes and management systems are standardized and certified following the specifications of ISO 9001: 2015, in addition to CQI-11 (Plating System Assessment) and CQI-12 (Coating System Assessment), meeting the requirements of the automotive and agricultural sectors, homologated by the leading automakers in the country.


The surface treatments give the screws visual, chemical, and mechanical characteristics, allowing the same part to be applied in different conditions. Hassmann has qualified suppliers for applying various types of surface coatings, which will give the screws different kinds of colors, corrosion resistance, and friction coefficients.

Locking Elements

In addition to the surface treatment, it is possible to include a locking element in the screw thread, which can be mechanical or chemical. These locks seek to provide additional security to the assembled component to prevent the screw from loosening during application. Each type of lock has a specific feature specially developed for a particular application.

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