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Our History


The history of Hassmann S.A. began in October 1955, when, after two years of marriage, the Austrian Karl Hassmann and his Brazilian wife Elka decided to return to Imigrante/RS, Elka's hometown, and together with his brother and two friends, founded a society to open a small business in the municipality. The company, called Hassmann Lagemann & Cia. Ltda., started as a simple workshop for equipment maintenance and manufacturing
spare parts. It prospered by producing agriculture equipment, like manual planters and wheelbarrows, and frames, which incited in Karl a bigger dream, to have a factory that produced serial products.


With the clear objective of producing a serial product, which complied with international standards and was a necessary good in the country, in 1960, the company started producing its first bolts, along with turned hex steel nuts. A short time later, the partnership with the other three partners was dissolved, leaving only Karl and Elka at the head of the company.


Despite all the adversities faced at the time, in 1962, the company began producing hot forged fasteners. The following year, with competence and dedication, it began supplying parts for important national industries, such as Randon.


During a turbulent year in the political scenario and a cycle of economic expansion, Hassmann kept growing, and the production of cold-forged fasteners entered the company's portfolio.


In 1971, since only Karl and Elka Hassmann remained in management as partners and the activity segment was well defined, the company adopted the name Metalúrgica Hassmann S.A., a definitive step towards expansion in the segment.


With business on the rise, in 1978, Hassmann became a parts supplier to the first automotive company in Brazil, Scania. A significant achievement for a company that had already established itself as a national reference in the category.


That year, Hassmann Metallurgic's management reinvented itself and embraced Carlos and Peter Hassmann, Elka and Karl Hassmann's sons, as new members for running the company with their parents.


In 1996, the company receives ISO 9001 certification, with a set of management practices that attests to the company's competence in Quality Management.


In order to expand its operating market, in 1998 Hassmann carried out its first export, and the first client was from Bolivia. The results were so positive that only three years later, in 2001, came the first export to the United States, to WABCO.


In 2004, Hassmann received ISO/TS 16949 certification, enabling the company to supply items to automakers in the automotive sector.


In 2006, while the country witnessed surprising improvements in economic and social indicators, Hassmann expanded its business to the European market, starting a partnership with the company B&M Germany.


In 2009, Hassmann carried out its first export to John Deere, an agricultural company considered the first equipment manufacturer in the United States. Also, it received ISO 14001 certification, which contemplated the company's environmental commitment.


Keeping the family tradition, Augusto and Letícia, Carlos' son and Peter's daughter, started to follow their fathers' footsteps and began their activities in the company.


With the national market booming, Hassmann broke its record in investments, increasing its productivity, modernizing its equipment, and consolidating itself among the largest fasteners producers in Brazil.


Although the country was facing a major economic crisis, Hassmann continued to accomplish great deeds, such as the acquisition of TECNOCOAT, located in Caxias do Sul/RS and active in the surface treatment of metals business.


Meeting the requirements of the automotive industry, Hassmann obtains the IATF 16949 certification.


Hassmann is already recognized as one of the largest fasteners manufacturers in the country and opens its first branch in the United States, located in Tampa, Florida, to support its exports.


The year 2020 was marked by changes, starting with Hassmann's new distribution center's inauguration, a high investment in a modern project strategically designed for expanding physical space, optimizing internal logistics, and improving the agility in the delivery of products. With 65 years of experience, there is also the opportunity to further consolidate its position in the market with a strategic name change. The expression "metallurgical" no longer represented the complexity and grandiosity of the industrial sectors. Therefore, the corporate name of Hassmann S.A. is adopted commercially, as well as the company's new visual identity, which covers the redesign of the brand and the creation of a new symbol inspired by tradition, quality, and commitment.

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Hassmann today

Today, the company occupies a prominent place in the fasteners field, having an installed capacity to produce more than forty thousand different types of screws, rivets, and special parts, always following strict quality standards.
As a result of this capacity, Hassmann has a solid position in the market, supplying its products to the Automotive, Agricultural, Truck, Construction Machinery industries, among others.
With Quality and Environmental Management Systems implemented and certified for decades, Hassmann has consolidated a high-quality standard, as well as a deep respect for the environment and the next generations.

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Distribution Center
Distribution center, Warehouse and Factory Imigrante/RS (Brazil)
+ 40.000m²

factory area + warehouse in the city of Imigrante/RS - Brazil

+ 400

highly skilled employees

+1,8K t/month

current production capacity, with constant investments to increase production

+ 25 countries

and export to all continents

Productive capacity

Get to know our solutions

Cold forming

Gauges (min/max)

  • Millimeter line: M5 to M24
  • Inch line: 1/4" to 1"

Length (min/max)

  • Millimeter line: 8mm to 320mm
  • Inch line: 3/8" to 12"

Hot forming

Gauges (min/max)

  • Millimeter line: M6 to M30
  • Inch line: 1/4" to 1.1/8"

Length (min/max)

  • Millimeter line: 200mm to 800mm
  • Inch line: 8" to 30"

Resistance Classes

ISO 898-1: 4.6/4.8/5.8/6.8/8.8/9.8/10.9/12.9

SAEJ429: Grades 2/5/8

Surface finishes

  • Trivalent White Zinc Plating
  • Trivalent Yellow Zinc Plating
  • Hexavalent Yellow Zinc Plating
  • Trivalent Olive Green Zinc Plating
  • Trivalent Black Zinc Plating
  • Zinc Iron
  • Transparent Zinc Nickel
  • Black Zinc Nickel
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized
  • Silver Geomet
  • Black Geomet
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Manganese phosphate
  • Copper
  • Tin
  • Thermal Black Oxide

Locking elements

  • Nylok Patch
  • Nytemp
  • Precote
  • Driloc
  • Scotch Grip
  • Nycote
  • Nytork
  • Nystay
  • Vibraseal
  • Technological 15"

More than 65 years in fixation.

Where we are

Factory/Head Office Av. Dr. Ito João Snel, n°178
Imigrante/RS | Brasil
Zip code 95885-000 +55 51 3754 0700
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Distribution Center - Brazil Av. Fernando Ferrari, nº 710
Imigrante/RS | Brasil
Zip code 95885-000 +55 51 3754 0700
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TECNOCOAT - Surface Treatment of Metals Business Street Gelindo Zanrosso, nº 490 – Pavilhão B
Caxias do Sul/RS
Zip code 95044-107 +55 54 3209 1166
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USA Warehouse 5441 Southern Comfort Boulevard,
Tampa, FL, 33634 | USA +1 941 877 4455
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