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The distribution center is strategically located in Imigrante, near the main industrial poles of the RS and highways that connect the south to the rest of the country. We also have a Distribution Center in the United States, with a warehouse located in Tampa, close to two major ports of entry in the USA (Tampa and Jacksonville).


The entire logistics process is monitored by a warehouse management system (WMS) that allows controlling parts by location, batch, and FIFO, thus ensuring control and tracking of the entire process, enabling the service through different logistics modalities quickly and accurately.


Hassmann was able to develop a certain quantity of packaging boxes cover most of the products dimensions, that will protect the parts to arrive from our plant to the customers point of application in conditions, as expected by customers. To customers that want to work with returnable bins Hassmann offers many years of experience and development, because due to the variety of customers/projects we have been exposed to most all of the returnable bins currently in use. (Available in USA and BRAZIL).

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