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Raw material

Hassmann in order to honor the delivery commitment with the customers, created a successful strategy of maintaining at least 5 months of steel inventory to assure to comply with the customers’ orders releases. This large inventory of wire and round bars, with approximately 8,000 tons of raw material is capable to overcome customers increases or market shortages.


The quality of the tooling used to forming the screws is fundamental to ensure parts that will comply with all tolerances of the dimensions. By producing in-house almost 90% of the tooling, enables us to reduce the Time To Market of new parts, and a continuous on hand supply to support the production machines, avoiding lines down.

Cold forming

The screws are cold head (stamp) on multi-stage presses starting from a coil of wire. Each forming stage has specific die, developed by Hassmann to ensure product compliance. After forming, the parts proceed to chamfering and thread rolling processes, which can be carried out in the same equipment or other machines. In its portfolio, Hassmann works with metric and inch screw lines.

Hot forming

Also known as forging process, usually a vertical press it is used to conform the head of the screw, starting from a bar that is heated and placed in the press to be shaped. This heating makes the steel more malleable, making it possible to form larger parts.

Thread rolling

The thread rolling process can occur both before or after heat treatment. It is carried out by rolling helicoidal fillets on automatic machines or rolling cylinders on manual machines. Hassmann can produce various types and classes of screw threads, meeting international standards or customers' specifications.

Heat treatment

The heat treatment process gives the fasteners the mechanical and metallurgical properties necessary to withstand the stresses they will be subjected to during their application. With 6 continuous quenching and tempering lines, 3 of them are entirely dedicated to the automotive sector, Hassmann has a production capacity of 3,200 kg/h.


Second operations are essential in special parts execution, the machining process allows Hassmann the flexibility of producing many different types of parts. Using manual lathes, CNC lathes, drilling, grinding slotting machines Hassmann is able to diversify its portfolio and support customers' in their most diverse needs.

Final Inspection

The final step of the process, the sorting by automatic machines, identifies any non-conforming parts by segregating them and ensuring very low PPM indexes. With cameras, lasers, and eddy current, it is possible to detect parts with cracks, without heat treatment, and inspects several dimensional characteristics.


Throughout Hassmann's history, quality has always been one of its pillars.

With a qualified and committed team, the company is always looking to innovate and improve the process to ensure its product excellence.

Technical support

Innovation is the Key word for the competitiveness, based on this concept Hassmann is not only focused in machines, materials and products. Innovation applied on management strategies, customer services and products logistics became an obsession. Hassmann dedicates all its technological structure and technical collaborators to help on new projects, problems solving, cost reduction actions and personal training.

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