Based in Brazil and Established by the Austrian Mr. Karl Hassmann and the Brazilian Mrs. Elka Hassmann, in the city of Imigrante, Rio Grande do Sul, Metalúrgica Hassmann holds a solid position in the fastener market since 1955. At the beginning of its activity, Hassmann was a simple shop, performing small repairs, equipment maintenance, manufacturing spare parts for the local industries, among other minor activities. In the following years the company started manufacturing metal frames for windows, a.e, PUC University, in Porto Alegre/RS, to which MH supplied all metal windows and doors frames and locks. Only in 1960 the company began manufacturing bolts. The reason was the search for a serial product, following international standards, allied to a necessity in Brazil, until so, with scarce industrialization. Excellence in quality, competence and dedication lead the Company to be one of the largest manufacturers of fasteners in Brazil. The present installed capacity allows the production of over thirty thousand different types of bolts, rivets and special parts, always following a strict quality regulation, supplying products for the automotive, agricultural and electrical-electronic industries.

Processes and Controls

Metalúrgica Hassmann is a modern company, continuously investing in reliable and sophisticated equipment, both for production and control. The production process counts with over 50 cells destined to cold-forming, with production capacity of over 1.800 tons/month per work shift. The heat treatment process is made in 6 continuous lines, totalizing 4.000 kg/hour. Hassmann keeps a raw material stock of approximately 8.000 tons, which can be extended into 4 available draws, to feed the production process. The Company also has a well-equipped tooling shop, which allows the in-house repair and production of several tools. In the field of tests and controls, Hassmann has one of the best fasteners laboratories in the Country. Among the lab equipment we can point out the Torque-Tension Determiner, CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines, Spectrometer, Layers Measurer by X-Ray Fluorescence), the Profilometer, the Fatigue and the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope), which allow well-elaborated controls and analysis. Also regarding controls, Hassmann has automated sorting equipment, which, if required, can also be used at the end of the process to guarantee a low PPM on critical parts. All these state of the art equipment and machines guarantees Hassmann a privileged position among the manufacturers in Latin America. 


- Conformation Cells
- Lamination Cells
- Rolling machines
- Forging
- CNC Latches
- Installed capacity: 1800 ton/month (one work shift)

Heat Treatment:

- Heat treatment Continuous lines
- Installed capacity: 4 ton/hour


Automatic High Speed Inspection Machines
Inspection capabilities:
- Inside and Outside Diameter
- Head Width
- Head Height
- Recess Jam
- Recess Shape
- Length
- SpiralThreads
- Thread ID
- Thread ED
- Neck Lenght
- Screw Lenght
- First Thread
- Hardness
- Nylon insert
- Part damage
- Foreign material
- Cracks

Quality Lab:

- Optical Emission Spectrometer
- Measurer Layers (X-Ray Fluorescence)
- Salt Spray Chamber
- Measuring Projector
- CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine (optical)
- Coordinate Measuring Machine
- Optical and Stereo Microscope
- Hardness and Microhardness Testers
- Roughness Meter
- Metallographic Preparation Equipment
- Tensile Machine
- Torque Tension Machine
- Resonant Fatigue Machine
- Scanning Electron Microscope (1 million increase)
- Profilometer

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